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membership offers individuals the chance to connect, collaborate, learn, grow, and make a positive impact within a specific community or organization. It can bring a sense of purpose, belonging, and personal fulfillment to individuals who actively participate in their memberships.

Member with

  1. Yog Prashikshak member of the Indian Yoga Association for Lifetime.
    ( IYA/2018/YP1778)
  2. Yoga Expert member of the International Naturopathy Organization. (INO
  3. Acupressure Healer member at Allahabad Acupressure Research &
    Treatment Organization. (000000597)
  4. Lifetime Yoga Consultant Member at Yogic Satvik Foundation, Noida.
  5. Lifetime membership of  भारतीय योग शिक्षक संघ ( ID
  6. Lifetime me भारतीय योग चिकित्सा संघ ( ID NO. 1659)

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