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Best yoga teacher award in 2019 on 5th world Yoga day by wellness care
magzine and Yog Sanskrit Utthanpeeth


Awarded by Delhi development authority on 21 June 2017 as a Yog Guru 


Awarded by GS ayurvedic medical College and hospital on 21st June ,2016 as a Yoga teacher


Awarded by SKM Yoga noida on 21st June , 2021


Awarded by Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar for the promotion of Indian
Culture in june-Dec, 2008.


Awarded by AROH Foundation for ” Yoga for Resllient Youth” on world youth skill day 2022.


Awarded by Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar for awareness work on
conservation of environment during Bio- diversity week celebration 2020.


Awarded as a University level cricket Caption & player during Post Graduation in Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar.


awarded by Urban company as a Yoga teacher for work of excellence


Awarded by Vokal as a yoga expert


Awarded by Navyoga for participated in one lakh and eight Surya namaskar mahotsav

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